Client Testimonials

“We are pleased that we have been free of any serious formal complaints in the area of harassment, misconduct or discrimination shortly after the Seyfarth Shaw at Work training.  This was in no small part due to the SSAW training impact and lessons.  The Seyfarth Shaw at Work programs are now part of our required training.”

— Bruce Morbit, Head of Human Resources, OD and Training, PVH

“This was a very hostile environment and the training could easily have turned into a donnybrook, but because of SSAW’s approach, the obvious competence and sincere willingness to help – and a sense of humor – our participants were involved and learned. There wasn’t a single negative comment.”

— Patrick Murphy, Assistant Superintendent, Cambridge (MA) School

“I believe that every time and every day that a participant rephrases a comment or reevaluates their approach specifically because of what they learned in the Seyfarth Shaw at Work EEO and conduct course, and how they learned it – We have influenced the environment and saved money for the company.” 

— Tanya Snyder Director, Management and OD, Altria Corporate Services, Inc.


“In terms of business impact, the tools Seyfarth at Work provides, its professional expertise and its trainers’ dynamic presentation skills, as well as the organization’s deep insight into adult learning theory, greatly maximize retention of knowledge and produces an outstanding vehicle for long-term behavior change.”

— Claudia Schwartz (EEOC-designated Monitor on a nationwide $47 Million Rent-A-Center Consent Decree and numerous other settlements)

“One of our participant’s initial comment was, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ At the end of the session his attitude changed to… “I’m not blowing smoke. I really had fun. I learned. I’m glad I showed up.”

— Deborah Vereen, Manager of Diversity, Giant Foods

“SSAW was able to effectively train an audience that included those who had experienced this kind of training, as well as long-term employees for whom this was a new experience. SSAW tools – such as the ‘book of exceptions’ to the law – send a strong, memorable message.”

— Bill Lipsman, Vice President, General Counsel, OSI Industries, Inc.