Seyfarth Shaw at Work (SSAW) is a legal compliance and consulting services company. We bolster awareness of workplace respect, best practice management and legal issues through powerful messaging strategies and interactive training courses.

We work with clients to create a strong compliance and culture brand by blending high-impact messages, codes, and training programs that simplify and support a company's policies, business vision, and legal defenses.


SSAW's programs are widely known for their effectiveness. 

  • We boast a 100% approval rate in federal agency consent decrees for our management, code of conduct, retaliation, harassment prevention, workplace investigations, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) courses. In fact, an SSAW course is included in one of the nation's largest ever-mandatory training conciliation agreements.

  • Federal enforcement agencies have required our courses (which they deem as highly successful and effective) for training in companies that want to limit their liability in unique settlements.

  • An EEOC-designated monitor has described our products and services as “outstanding” - feedback resulting from of our work in a complex litigation consent decree case.

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We have trained more than 1.8 million employees and managers of more than 600 companies of every size and industry across the United States and abroad. As a subsidiary of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, we are uniquely positioned to tap the firm’s legal resources and client community to further bolster our training and compliance solutions.

Our Team

SSAW fields a premier team to serve a company's unique needs. We combine and maximize the skills of highly skilled course designers and instructors who work with a strong management team to deliver effective learning experiences. Our consultation services target areas that include management, logistics, and tactical marketing.

“Seyfarth Shaw at Work’s programs offer a unique return on investment. Their language and tools create a culture in which employees can easily identify and avoid behaviors related to hostile, threatening, and abusive conduct. The result is an awareness shift in and in their understanding of what effect language, communication, and behaviors can have on their counterparts. Thus, there is a more positive culture overall.”
— Beth Glassman, J.D., Director of Human Resources Duff & Phelps (formerly at S&P/McGraw Hill)


Our unique approach to compliance planning, implementation, and training has been applied in an expansive variety of industries and communities across the United States and internationally.