Philippe Weiss was interviewed August 27th on WGN Radio, "Wintrust Business Lunch 8/27/18: Privacy Laws in The Office." Philippe Weiss joined the program to explain how preventing certain privacy practices might actually be a negative business practice. You can listen to the full interview at minute 12:12 here.

Philippe Weiss was quoted in a June 4 story from Law360, "5 Workplace Scenarios That Could Spell Legal Trouble." Weiss said that, in some cases, where male managers get into the habit of restating ideas spoken by female employees or even talking over them, it can cross over into gender discrimination.

Philippe Weiss was quoted in a May 18 story from Law360, "Summer Dress Codes: 5 Tips For Employers." Weiss said that businesses should first consider whether they even need a summer dress code to supplement the version they use for the rest of the year.