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Seyfarth Shaw at Work (SSAW) has produced an interactive eLearning series that, as a blended learning solution, complements our instructor-led courses. These convenient and cost-effective virtual learning offerings can be easily deployed throughout an organization. Each course can be customized to reflect a company's message or policies. (Programs can include corporate logos and personal messages.)

We use Skillsoft's learning management system (LMS) to automatically track learners' progress and certify their course completion. We can also install our offerings on a client's LMS.

Course Options

The Canvas: Crafting a Culture of Respect

This program highlights how employees can collectively craft a culture of anti-harassment and respect that ultimately protects a company from harassment claims and liability. Engaging tasks and dynamic graphics illustrate how specific personnel actions, reactions, and responses have an impact on workplace safety, inclusion, and risk and that shape a respectful or disrespectful work environment.

Interactive learning tools immerse learners in all forms of harassment — sexual, racial, disability, religious, etc., as well as issues around political discourse in the workplace, reporting and retaliation, social media situation, and inappropriate managerial practices.

The course can be tailored to help create a more meaningful and relevant experience for a company's unique audience. It is currently available in four versions: National employee, National manager, California manager, and Connecticut manager (to account for the specific teaching point requirements under those states' laws.)

The Canvas: Crafting a Culture of Respect is accessible via desktop, laptop and tablet to maximize remote access.

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Harassment: Confidante

The Confidante provides employees and managers with an engaging learning experience focused on a company's harassment-prevention policy. And, it helps to protect and defend an organization from harassment claims and liability.

In this course, each participant sits behind a virtual desk to explore practical and relevant workplace harassment scenarios, from inappropriate conduct related to sex/gender and other legally protected categories, to social media problems, to reporting and retaliation.

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New Release: Mission HIPAA...ssible

Our newest program, Mission HIPAA...ssible, helps companies of all types (including covered entities and business associates) adhere to HIPAA's privacy and security rules. Complying with HIPAA — including providing required training of employees who come into contact with certain health information — is more important than ever due to recent changes in the law and in light of increased audit and enforcement activity.

Consequences for HIPAA violations may be severe, from mass media notifications, to attorney general investigations, to mandatory health and human services audits. Situations like these can result in millions of dollars in penalties and fines. Health plans and health care providers and their business associates (including professional service firms and related entities) must have a viable and effective compliance plan in place (i.e., establishing privacy and security policies and training employees on those policies) to be HIPAA compliant.

With the interactive HIPAA...ssible, employees and managers become HIPAA master spies to learn (and are tested on) key privacy and security concepts and terms as they uncover the mystery behind compromised medical information. The course fully embeds a company's HIPAA policy and offers other customized features.

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Guarding The Vault

Guarding the Vault helps organizations of all sizes protect and secure its valuable electronic information and its people.

The Program interactively addresses such questions as:

  • How do we best protect our environment and our private electronic information?
  • What are phishing and watering hold attacks?
  • What are signs of infected websites/emails?
  • What are classic social engineering tactics and how do we recognize the signs of social engineering scam?
  • How do criminals often exploit the lack of physical security?
  • Why are employees on the road or remote workers so susceptible to data security breaches?

Within the Guarding the Vault course, your employees and managers will face-off against four different "criminals," learn about their tools and techniques to create mischief and be provided with best practice steps to better ensure these criminals are not successful in any of their endeavors.

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Photo by nortonrsx/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by nortonrsx/iStock / Getty Images