Seyfarth Shaw's regular involvement in litigation across this landscape, including cutting edge and landmark issues, equips our design team with the tools in requires to keep it abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices.

Our course designers create offerings that effectively deliver the messages our clients want and their employees need.  The design team is made up of instructional designers, attorneys, and industrial psychologists expertly versed in the development of instructor- and web-based courses, with emphasis on blended learning solutions across platforms.

There is no shortage of talent among our design team, which boasts numerous accomplishments that include:

  • Developing live courses for Northwestern University and the University of Michigan.
  • Designing computer-mediated instructional simulations for the University of Michigan's  School of Education, University of Michigan that were cited in such publications as Academic Computing and Global Classroom.
  • Creating interactive simulations utilized by the United States Department of Defense's educational programs.
  • Authoring an American Bar Association book on instructional methods for conduct training.
  • Being cited by the Financial Times for a "highly commended" cross-selling training module that "strategically changes behaviors."
  • Being cited as a national design authority by the American Bar Association,  the recruitment firm of Winter Wyman, Aspatore Books Executive Publishers, and the H.R. Manager Legal Reporter (among others).
  • Receiving Award the Brandon-Hall Citations for Design Excellence: 2011-12.
  • Completing the intensive Greed Dot certification program focused on violence-prevention in higher education settings.