About Us

Seyfarth and Shaw at Work (SSAW) has distinguished itself as one of the world's premier compliance providers. Our unique approach to compliance planning, implementation, and learning offerings has been applied in diverse U.S. and international industries and communities. Our skills, experience, and products enable us to precisely target areas of organizational vulnerability.

Who Are We

Seyfarth Shaw at Work/WorkRight Solutions (SSAW) provides highly engaging interactive employment and corporate training and compliance solutions over a variety of platforms, with emphasis on effective compliance communications, core values, policy and code designs, and learning events.

We strive to protect organizations against liability and exposure to costly litigation, and build a respectful and productive work environment where employees are valued and profits maximized.

SSAW's team of multi-disciplinary professionals provides a range of consulting related liaison, management, messaging, logistical, design, and other related services. These skilled professionals bring unparalleled experience in the development of marketing-focused tactical communications.

Why We Stand Out

  • All SSAW trainings are interactive, energizing, and practical, and emphasize real-world skill building. Our seasoned instructors deliver them in everyday language (avoiding "legalese"). Our clients find them effective and memorable.
  • Our training team is made up of uniquely qualified presenter-attorneys, representing former plaintiff attorneys and judges with solid content knowledge, unique professional perspectives, and high-level engagement skills.
  • We customize offerings to address a company's specific issues and policies. We offer blended training solutions to target unique organizational logistical needs.
  • Clients find SSAW to be economical not only in terms of training value, but also in the monitoring and follow-up of compliance and participant attendance.
  • SSAW partners with companies to craft corporate value statements and design codes that resonate as effective training messages that are linked to a company's policy and training messaging.

High-Impact Training

Every day, organizations carefully walk around legal liability issues. One misplaced step by an individual can lead to costly litigation and the threat of enormous civil judgments, personal liability, and criminal penalties. The results can be serious to a company: decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, lower morale, and even a damaged reputation are among a range of consequences.

Organizations have always been challenged by legal compliance issues but these days, court and administrative bodies recommend training as a way to address, prevent, or resolve these issues.

Plaintiff lawyers today increasingly attack the adequacy of training because it is a powerful tool that provides a viable legal defense. Third-party vetted training that provides a direct legal defense and credible return on investment is essential.